Nordal. Courtesy of  Bjørn Milde's Postcard Collection.

The Sinking of the Nordal:

 The Nordal left from Calcutta and Bahria with its final destination to be Baltimore. Onboard were 6675 tons of manganese ore, burlap, gunny bales, hides, coffee, and actor seeds. On June 25, 1942, it was a part of a three-column convoy of ten ships about 75 miles east of Cape Lookout. At 1:16 AM and 1:20 AM German U-boat U-404 fired torpedoes at the convoy. During this attack, the Nordal was hit and sunk.



Built: 1939 Sunk: June 25, 1942
Type of Vessel:  Steam Merchant Owner: Viking Corp (Johan Rasmussen & Co.), Panama
Builder: Fredriksstad Mekaniske Verksted A/S, Fredikstad Power: 
Port of registry: Panama Dimensions: 
Previous Names:   


Here is the location of the sinking:  34° 30'N, 75° 40'W



Total Lost: 0, Survivors: 32

LastFirstDate of DeathPositionHomeAge


A  listing of the surviving crew: 

 Aas Hans Martin Andersen Boatswain Dec. 13, 1897 Teie, Tønsberg  44
*Andersen Johan August Steward June 13, 1898 Nøtterøy 44
Andreassen Trygve Able Seaman June 20, 1921 Midthassel near Farsund 21
Andresen Anker Aksel Able Seaman May 31, 1910 Oslo 32
Didriksen Hans Kristian Fireman Oct. 29, 1907 Børingshavn, Hvaler 34
Hafstad Marius Donkeyman Feb. 17, 1887 Brooklyn, NY 55
Hansen Hans Kristoffer Master/Captain June 1, 1901   41
**Hansen Jørgen Chief Engineer Oct. 22, 1892 Sandar 49
Heggemsnes Birger Able Seaman Jan. 2, 1916 Bremsnes, Kristiansund 26
***Johansen Willie Chief Officer/Radio Operator Sept. 30, 1908 Sandøystrand, Brevik 33
Svendsen Olaf Able Seaman      

 *Died on March 20, 1943, as a Steward on the Norton when it was sunk by German U-boat U-516.
** He was a Second Engineer Officer on the Vestfold when it was sunk by German U-boat U-268 on Jan. 17, 1943.
*** Died on Oct. 28, 1942, as a passenger on the Kosmos II when it was sunk by German U-boat U-606. He was on his way to Dumbarton to be trained as a gunner by the Norweigan Navy.


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