As mentioned previously, I enjoy hearing from people regarding friends or family who were on one of the ships. On Sunday, April 3, 2022, I received the following email:


My father's brother was lost on the John D. Gill. I thought you could add his name to those crewmen who died that night. His name was William Atherholt. He was an oiler from Glenolden Pa. I was named after him.

My father and I went on to sail for Atlantic Refining Co., later ARCO. They had a large fleet of oil tankers. My dad Robert Atherholt was a chief engineer. I received my 3rd assistant engineer license from the Coast Guard but moved on to other things.

Side note: I sailed with Edward Chaney, a pumpman. Ed was on the Gill that night. He was awarded the Merchant Marine medal by president Roosevelt for saving lives.

There is a photo of this at the D-Day museum in New Orleans.

Thank you,

Bill Atherholt

Hammonton, NJ